We design individualized solutions with consideration, orderliness and strategy.
Every idea approaching regards to an effective marketing clout through aour services (Branding, Webdesign, Packagng)


We are a creative studio based in Lamia. At DoT2 Creative Studio we are active in the domestic and international market designing for  print, web, packaging, logo and other services with perfect aesthetic results.

kataskevi istoselidas

With imagination, lateral and practical thinking, we simplify and give the best result to the public, with the most elegant visual messages!

Our goal is the friction on each project in order to design solutions with achievable visual results, which are turned out from the proper cooperation with our clients!

On each case study, the functionality of the final result is important, considering the best visual communication.

Our goal is visual communication solutions, designing and implementing original ideas!

Yes! The Logos are Talking!

We tell your story through a logo, capturing in it the whole image of the business of your product or organization, managing to lay an important foundation in your visual identity!

The importance of packaging!

At DoT2 Creative Studio we evaluate the product and make sure to differentiate it in design when placed on the market. We are watching the needs of the market and we study the strong elements of the product, highlighting them with the aim of two-way communication.

Distinctive Web Design

Being different in the field of Web Design is a necessary qualification in the field of promoting your business. A website will need to be functional but also presentable. We implement websites, blogs, portals, e shops and special applications, each tailored to the requirements of our customers.