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W/Design4Life // Poster Exhibition on Breast Cancer Information and Prevention. As part of Toolkit Startup 2, the 'W / Design4Life' Poster report is implemented. Professional graphic designers from all over Greece, after our invitation, designed posters on the topic of information and prevention for breast cancer. The aim of the report is to highlight a serious social issue that concerns all women (and not only), locally and globally, and which still lacks information, especially in our country. We believe that through visual communication we can contribute to informing the world but also to changing the mentality on issues like this.   Participants Gra-fistiki DesignHouse Angeliki Michalopoulou Amalia

ε/Design your Expression Poster Exhibition on Freedom of Expression under the auspices of the Greek Graphic Designers Association Welcoming the 30 years of the Greek Graphic Designers Association, Toolkit Startup 2 organizes the poster exhibition 'e / Design your Expression'. After our invitation, professional graphic designers from all over Greece created posters on the subject of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is the right of every person to use his speech, body or other means to express his personal positions and views without interference, censorship, or repression, state or otherwise.   This right is an 'umbrella' that protects other basic human freedoms, such as

DoT2 Creative Studio participated in the 5th Typography poster competition. Invites graphic designers who want to design an original poster inspired by their place, promoting the culture, the monuments - symbols, the natural environment, the history, the people, the good or bad texts that characterize it. The poster describes the beauties of the prefecture of Fthiotida. We have been discovering a place for some years now that we have settled. Fthiotida has a rich natural environment. Waterfalls, plane trees, rivers, gorges and mountains. In the center of the city Lamia is distinguished for its castle and the great history of its

«'Cultural heritage, a world, a future.'». Includes the 50 distinguished works of the 4th International Poster Competition organized by Graphic Stories Cyprus. The posters of the exhibition emerged from the respective international competition that brought together 570 designers from 27 countries. The theme of the competition 'Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future' and the corresponding exhibition aim to highlight and highlight the value of Cultural Heritage and the importance of diversity in relation to it for the common future of all peoples of the earth . Participants in the competition were asked to visualize their thoughts, ideas and reflections on the value of Cultural