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DoT2 participates in the exhibition W / Design4Life

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DoT2 participates in the exhibition W / Design4Life

W/Design4Life // Poster Exhibition on Breast Cancer Information and Prevention.

As part of Toolkit Startup 2, the ‘W / Design4Life’ Poster report is implemented. Professional graphic designers from all over Greece, after our invitation, designed posters on the topic of information and prevention for breast cancer.

The aim of the report is to highlight a serious social issue that concerns all women (and not only), locally and globally, and which still lacks information, especially in our country. We believe that through visual communication we can contribute to informing the world but also to changing the mentality on issues like this.


Gra-fistiki DesignHouse

Angeliki Michalopoulou

Amalia Marinopoulou

Antigone Vassilakis

Antigone Chryssanthopoulou

Adriana Katsikis

Vasia Kalozoumi

Vicky Deli

Vicky Theodoreli

Georgia Dritsakis

Yota Tsantsaraki

Despina Katsouli

Dimitra Kavvada

Dimitra Karagiannis

Elena Baka

Joanna gellan

Calliope Koutounidou

Katerina Miliarakis

Kiki Patrali

Constantina Luka

Lila Skanavi

Magnini Dourali

Maria Papaefstathiou

Maritina Laskaridou

Popi Psalti

Sophia Georgopoulou

Sofia Loukeri

Sofia Papadopoulou

Tania Mylonadi

Georgina Malavazou

Tina Touli

Thank you http://toolkitstartup.gr/

DoT2 W/Design4Life

DoT2 W/Design4Life